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Larry O'Brien ( 1975--84 years CEO ), NBA third president . Compared with the other three leaders , nba jerseys uk President as well as all sports , O'Brien has a very unusual background , he served as Chairman of the US Democratic Party and Chairman of the US Postal Service , and the long-term as the late US best nba jerseys President John F. Kennedy's advisers. The first event took office after O'Brien is a successful merger ABA ( American Basketball Association ) , to solve the wages due to the vicious competition caused by the two coalition soaring box office decline and other issues , including the tricky "Oscar Robertson shirts "event. In 1983 , custom nba jerseys a new collective bargaining agreement with the NBA players union O'Brien reached , is considered a blueprint for the NBA and infrastructure development; and his greatest contribution to the reform of NBA rules is established in 1979 three-point line.

Shortly after leaving O'Brien , NBA championship trophy named the Larry O'Brien Cup [ 36 ] . David Stern , Jewish Americans , in 1978 nba custom jerseys joined NBA, 1980 to become vice president of NBA, 1984 , succeeding O'Brien served as NBA president , February 1, 2014 retired as NBA president of a total of three years , cheap nba jerseys from china succeeded by Adam Xiao Hua . Prior to a lawyer.

Stern graduated from the History Department of Rutgers University in 1963 , 1966, graduated from Columbia University Law School to become a lawyer. He served as a board member at Rutgers Chancellor , the current Chairman cheap nba jerseys china of the Council of Columbia University.

August 9, 2014 , Basketball Hall of Fame announced that David Stern officially named Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Adam cheap authentic nba jerseys Silva,NBA president . NBA began work in 1992, served as special assistant to David Stern , NBA senior executive vice president . 2003 was one of "Time Magazine " and CNN as the world 's most influential business people . February 1, 2014 to take over as president of NBA commissioner David Stern.

March 16, 2011 , NBA Commissioner David Stern cheap nba authentic jerseys announced that the president of the International Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Shu Dewei (David Shoemaker) was appointed as the NBA China chief executive officer (CEO), and on June 1, 2011 formally took office . As NBA China CEO, will be responsible for David Shoemaker business in the Greater China region to promote nba replica jerseys cheap the development of basketball in this area.

David cheap replica nba jerseys Shoemaker,he was born in Ottawa, Canada , in 2004 to join WTA, as chief legal adviser. During 2006-2009 , he served as legal affairs and business and operations WTA chief operating officer , in charge of the tournament , including the development and implementation of tournament rules and system. In 2009 , Shu Dewei was appointed WTA cheap authentic nba jerseys free shipping President in charge of the tournament's global operations work together with the competent WTA China business.

In the early days, NBA players and coaches composed entirely of whites. In 1947, the Japanese-American Wataru Misaka is selected the New York Knicks in the first round, became the first non-white players in NBA history, he is also one of the NBA's first Asian [10]. Wataru cheap nba replica jerseys Misaka but only for the Knicks in the 1947-48 season, played three times contributed seven points after being laid off. In 1950, the Boston Celtics in the second round pick of the black players from Duquesne University Zach Cooper, this is the NBA history as the first black elected [11], the same year was selected with there " cheap authentic nba jerseys from china sugar" Nath Clifford Thornton (New York Knicks) and Earl Lloyd (Washington Capitals), Clifford in three among the first to get the team contract [12]. October 31, 1950, Lloyd Washington Capitals and Rochester Royals debut game, black players for the first time set foot on the NBA, [13]. Although racial discrimination in the cheap nba jerseys from china free shipping United States was still very serious, but as Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, who continue to create success on the pitch, fans of black players have been gradually accepted and became the NBA's protagonist. After the 1990s, the number of black players in the beginning than white players. 2006-07 season, NBA black players accounted for all players cheap nba jerseys wholesale rate has reached 75 percent, blacks accounted for 40% NBA coach also all coach.